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Exceed Your Expectations

How often do you get more than you paid for and the quality of the product exceed your expectations?  Whether consuming SymFit for injury management or injury prevention you will be educated on how to transform your posture and movement patterns to preserve the integrity of the human skeletal system.  This restores the muscle balance at each joint needed for healthy fitness and aging.

You are too busy to suffer an injury.  You are way to busy to if injured to bounce around town getting only parts of the solution.  It should be unimaginable to put efforts into managing an injury and not address the foundation of the problem to reduce risk of re-injury.

At SymFit PT and Fitness you will receive a complete treatment each visit that build upon the previous laying down a foundation for not just recovery but long term injury prevention.

SymFitTV and the SymFit App provide ongoing tools to live a symmetrical lifestyle so that you minimize your risk of injury and age with a large portion of overall health (physical conditioning) covered.  Ongoing coaching and access to wellness consultant allow you to have confidence that you are doing the correct fitness program for you correctly.