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Why SymFit®

Improve Quality of Life
Movement from neutral spine alignment reduces joint compression and allows you to remain consistent with your fitness, recreational and sport activities.  Allowing you to hit and maintain your optimal stride.

Save Money
Movement from neutral spine alignment reduces your risk of musculoskeletal injury and keeps you at an optimal level of safe fitness.  Weekly joint clearing techniques do not allow the tension associated with faulty loading to build up to the point of joint overload.  So, things don't get so bad that you have pain symptoms that warrant other medical intervention.  The out-of-pocket cost for the average musculoskeletal condition pays for a year of SymFit®.

Injury Prevention
Each workout starts with functional mobility exercises to mobilize you where you are most stiff, then you perform self-correction techniques to ensure that the most common joint prone to overload are in neutral position.  Then and only then do you progress into strengthening with each strengthening exercise having 3 to 4 levels to best prepare you to successfully apply the 4 SymFit® Neutral Spine Alignment Principles at your highest level.  This is neural integration, the preparing of the nervous system to coordinate and control movement by maintaining neutral spine alignment throughout the movement.

Most fitness programs focus on strength or power or speed and the truth is these things are not needed for most of us to stay in the sport and recreational activities we love.  They can be added to fitness programs but only after you have a strong neural integration for maintaining neutral spine.  That is why we slowly introduce these components as your progress from SymFit1 to SymFit2 and SymFit3.  

Time Management
Why bounce all around town for your wellness needs.  Get physically well and stay there.  But when an injury arises get your manual therapy, fitness and sport consultation all in one place.


The SymFit® Healthy Fitness System is a complete solution to the foundation to most musculoskeletal conditions.  At the center you have access to state-of-the-art manual therapy techniques that help restore your access to neutral spine alignment.  You will be shown pre-treatment functional mobility exercises to ensure that you have done all you can do to address the muscle imbalance that contribute to faulty loading and mis-alignment.  You will be instructed privately on how to perform these exercises on the Pilates equipment as well as the exercise in the classes prescribed.  After being cleared of joint mis-alignment by a SymFit® certified physical therapist you will complete a 20-minute neutral spine based functional fitness class or a 30 minute Pilates allegro class.  You will also be instructed on post-class studio exercises that challenge your application of the 4 SymFit® Principles of neutral spine alignment functionally to compliment your group class.