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SymFit® Healthy Fitness System
Pricing - SymFit1 Membership


The objective of week 3+4 of the SymFit® Healthy Fitness System is to strengthen your ability to maintain neutral spine alignment during more complicated movement to prepare you for SymFit2 and a safe return to your sport and recreational activities.  

  • At The Center: you will arrive 10 minutes prior to your schedule time with your physical therapist to complete your pre-treatment functional mobility studio program, you then spend 5 minutes with your therapist to confirm you have addressed all joint mis-alignments before class.  You will then complete a review of your home program in a group class structure.  Classes limited to 5 students.
  • At Home: you are performing "start your day" routine; an 20 minutes upper body or lower body workout and a 2 minutes "end your day" routine.  You do not perform workouts at home the days you take class at the center.  
  • At Work: you are performing your hourly mobility program and starting each hour sitting in upright posture at the edge of your seat without back support.
  • At the Gym: the SymFit® Healthy Fitness System merges seamlessly with typical fitness programs.  You are asked to perform your SymFit® workout before your typical workout routine.  SymFitTV provides suggestions for gym workouts at each level of program as sub pages next to your workout page.




Hour of Care packages are purchased to add additional private time with a therapist. They can be consumed in 5 minute intervals. Most often time is added for additional manual therapy, however this is time you can use anyway you prefer. We can review any exercises within the system privately, have a family member learn home treatment techniques or modify your program.