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SymFit® Healthy Fitness System
SymFit1 Pricing


SymFit® For Injury Management
After a comprehensive evaluation and manual therapy to restore access to neutral spine alignment you will be oriented on workout #1 of the SymFit Health Fitness System.  Workout #1 introduces the first principle of neutral spine alignment - "Chest Lift".  Your follow-up treatment will review principle #2 - How to unload the low back by "Connecting Rib Cage to Pelvis."
Your 3rd treatment will start teaching you how to put your own mis-alignments through SymFit Self-correction techniques.  Workout #3 orientates you in the 3rd principle of neutral spine alignment - How to unload the neck through a "Head Nod."  Workout #4 introduces the 4th principle - Restoring symmetrical loading through the hips, knees and ankle via "Inward Spiral" of the hips.  


The objective of the first week of the SymFit® Healthy Fitness System is to restore your ability to access neutral spine alignment and begin the process of living a more neutral spine based life.  

  • At The Center: you will be seen privately to learn the SymFit® pre-treatment studio program and walked through the first 4 workouts which introduce the each exercises within the program.  
  • At Home: you are performing an upper body workout in the morning and 8 minute lower body workout in the afternoon/evening
  • At Work: you are performing your hourly mobility program and starting each hour sitting in upright posture at the edge of your seat without back support
  • At the Gym: we usually have you put your typical fitness program on hold for the first week of the SymFit® Healthy Fitness System.  You attraction to the program is likely associated with healthy fitness so take a week off your program and lets make sure you know how to perform basic movements without loading your neck and low back before we add resistance and coordination.


Hour of Care packages are purchased to add additional private time with a physical therapist. They can be consumed in 5 minute intervals. Most often time is added for additional manual therapy, however this is time you can use anyway you prefer. We can review any exercises within the system privately, have a family member learn home treatment techniques or modify your program.