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Center Pricing

SymFit® For Injury Management
Step #1: Restore Your Ability to Get into Neutral Spine Alignment

This option is for those with an "Active" injury.
We are providers for most major insurance plans!

This option is only available to those that
do not have an "Active" injury.


After completing your Get Started Package you will be progressed into group classes if the following milestones have been met.
1. You are comfortable completing your pre-treatment program on the pilates equipment
2. you require less than 5 minutes of manual therapy to clear all joint mis-alignments before class
3. you are demonstrating the ability to perform SymFit1 level challenges without losing neutral spine alignment
4. you feel comfortable progressing into group classes 

Whether going under insurance or paying cash for your care progression into group classes is cheaper than private orientation ($25 per session in membership phase).  We have found that group class instruction in conjunction with home compliance through SymFitTV is by far the most effective way to condition you to perform your daily activities without faulty loading through the neck and low back. 

If you are not ready for group classes and paying cash you will be asked to purchase another 4 pack or private care.  If going under insurance you will simply be schedule with the private time needed with your physical therapist to prepare you for group class entry.  


Step #2: Condition Yourself to Do What You Want Without Faulty Loading
SymFit® For Injury Prevention


The Functional Fitness Membership is progresses each workout at the SymFit1 level to the next level (level 5).  The classes are taught a a slightly quicker tempo than SymFit1 classes.


This membership level consists of 8 workouts.  You will be prescribed 2 workouts a week at the center; 1 upper body class at the beginning of the week and 1 lower body workout at the end of the week for 1 month. 


The objective of the Functional Fitness Membership is to condition you to perform your sport and recreational activities without faulty loading through the low back and neck.   

At this level each workout includes the following;

  • access to the Pilates equipment to complete your pre-treatment studio program
  • 5 minutes of private time with physical therapist to clear any joint mis-alignments
  • access to the Pilates equipment to complete your post-treatment studio program
  • a complete upper body or lower body conditioning group class
  • access to Pilates equipment to complete your post-class studio program (if prescribed)

A Medical Hour of Care package can be purchased to add additional private time with a physical therapist for $180. A Wellness Hour or Care package can be purchased to add additional time with a movement educator or wellness practitioner for $90.  They can be consumed in 5 minute intervals. Most often time is added for additional manual therapy, however this is time you can use anyway you prefer. 

Step #3: Maintain Neutral Spine Conditioning for Long Term Injury Prevention
SymFit® Pilates Program


The Complete Fitness Membership provides runs your through a SymFit2 class with a level 5 challenge added for each exercise.  It is taught at a quicker tempo with cardio intervals added sporadically to keep your heart rate at the fat burning pace for 20 minutes.  Your experience is identical to the SymFit2 membership minus joint clearing prior to class.  

The objective of the Complete Fitness Membership is to improve your cardiovascular and respiratory conditioning so that you can perform your sport and recreational activities at a high level without faulty loading through the low back and neck.