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SymFit® for Injury Prevention
Corporate Wellness Services

The SymFit® Healthy Fitness System with the resources at SymFitTV is the most sophisticated and accountability based corporate wellness product on the market.  Whether you are interested in on-site, remote or off-site services your employees will have access to all the medical, fitness and technological resources they need to condition themselves for the demands of their job.  

Scope of Services:
• On-site group fitness classes
• On-site functional fitness oriented injury management services (physical therapy)
• Video on Demand injury prevention resources
• Remote injury screenings
• Off-site group fitness classes with manual therapy prior to clear all joint mis-alignments
• Discounted off-site functional fitness oriented injury management services (physical therapy)

Benefit to Employers:
• Employers can run compliance reports 
• Direct access to discounted physical therapy services when a minor injury occurs to prevent it from progressing into a claim
• Direct access to discounted physical therapy with physical therapy provider committed to a safe return to work for all work related injuries
• Improved moral; a work force that feels better thinks healthier and can works more focused
• Reduced injury risk 

Benefits to Employees:
• Employees will be able to condition themselves to perform their job from healthy posture reducing stress and risk of injury
• Access to the "next big thing" in fitness geared to condition them to perform their daily and work activities without faulty loading through the neck and low back
• Improved posture reduces risk for injury
• Improved fitness improves self-esteem and productivity

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