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SymFit® Healthy Fitness System
Healthy Sitting Strategies

The SymFit® Healthy Fitness System (SFHFS) has developed all the resources you need to preserve the integrity of you musculoskeletal system through your lifespan.  The following injury prevention videos are designed to help you get on a neutral spine based path to physical health and wellness.

SymFit Healthy Fitness System - Healthy Sitting Posture

Healthy Sitting Strategies:
The body is designed to be upright and moving forward.  As a result of technological advancements most of us are sitting for a majority of each day.  Neutral sitting posture consists sitting up right onto your sit bone (Isheal Tuberosities) to allow successful application of the 3 of the 4 SymFit® Neutral Spine Alignment Principles.  Upright sitting posture maintains balance around the shoulders and neck reducing neck loading and muscle tension build up.  Neutral sitting posture also reduces the loading through the low back by transferring load to the front of the pelvis instead of the lower lumbar spine.

Pain is one of the most costly things energetically and treating pain is fiscally expensive. The SymFit® Healthy Fitness System (SFHFS) will condition you to use your body in a healthy way throughout most of the day preventing the most common sources of low back, neck, shoulder, hip and knee pain.

Physical Therapy for Injury Prevention and Treatment

Influence of Technology:
Technological advancement have us stagnant in collapsed postures for long periods of time.  The human musculoskeletal system will remodel around what ever posture you are putting the skeletal system in the most.  As healthcare reform continues to cost us more out-of-pocket for each healthcare encounter few of us can afford to neglect this self-induced cost.

The SymFit® Healthy Fitness System has an arsenal of tools to help you be healthier throughout the day and ensure that your fitness program solves your long term injury prevention needs through neutral spine conditioning.

Strategies for Healthy Computing:

  • Smart Phone - hold at eye level or hinge forward when sitting
  • Tablet - hinge forward keeping "chest lift"
  • Notebook - connect to external monitor
  • PC - position monitor above eye level to promote "chest lift" and "head nod"
  • Perform an hourly mobility program
Healthy Sitting Posture

UnHealthy Sitting Posture:
The body is designed to move forward.  As a result of technological advancements most of us are sitting for a majority of each day.  Collapsed sitting posture with our sacrum and tail bone as the primary source of stability results places all to load of the upper body onto the lower lumbar spine.  Eventually it will result into a bias to the left or right (usually to the right) and at the end of the day we are locked into low back loading on the opposite side with the pelvis collapsed forward and vertebrae stuck out of their neutral position.  

If you are willing to perform a 20 second hourly mobility program be committed to a 20 minute workout twice a week for the upper body you can be sitting healthy by the end of your first month.   

A SymFit® membership costs $220 a month; a SymFitTV membership $30 a month so long term maintenance is affordable for most budgets.