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Hello. Thank you for taking the time to learn about my background.  I am the clinical director at SymFit PT and Fitness and part owner along with my wife Jennifer.  
I received my Physical Therapy degree from Florida International University in 1997. 

After 2 years of consulting PT practices on how to automate their billing, documentation and scheduling I accepted a staff physical therapy position at Miami Beach Sport Medicine.  In 1999 I completed the Healthcare Administration program at Florida Atlantic University. 


It was clear to me early on that I must develop my manual therapy skills to better prepare patient’s for the exercises I was taught to be appropriate.  During the next three years I attended over 200 hours of manual therapy courses within multiple certification programs to develop the skills needed to safely restore functional mobility.


With enhanced manual therapy skills my confidence grew and was able to expand my referral base. Unfortunately I found many of my low back and neck patients returning with the same injuries. Consulting with one of my mentors, Alex Matz, I was advised to obtain certification in Pilates through Polestar Pilates. Pilates base movement education allowed me to better educate patients on the key movement principles I was trying to stress but I was still seeing a lot of my neck and back patients the following week.  


Truth be told I did not know what the “problem” was. Consulting with another mentor, Brent Anderson, I gained insight into the foundation of the problem.  I had to learn how to change their movement patterns; not strengthen their existing movement patterns through resistance training.  


Running Polestar Denver provided me with the opportunity to integrate group Pilates classes into my treatment plan and that was when I started treating the condition not the symptoms.  Patients did not need to get stronger, they had to learn how to better organize their skeletal systems (Phase 1 of SymFit); then learn how to move from neutral spine (Phase 2); then and only then should you begin "Functional" strengthening (Phase 3).


SymFit is a philosophy about how to empower patients as much as it is a treatment plan to safely help you reach your rehabilitation and fitness goal. 

In February of 2008 Jennifer and I opened Genesis Physical Therapy with the mission to do just this. The Genesis Physical Therapy treatment model is ever evolving with the goal of providing a safe environment to transform the injured out of pain toward physical wellness. We strive to challenge the perception of what is possible in physical rehabilitation and wellness and we invite you to explore your potential with us.

SymFit has evolved beyond Pilates based allegro classes used within a PT treatment model to include a structured mat based home fitness program.  It includes strategies for self-correcting the most common joint mis-alignments before exercise to build upon a neutral spine base for conditioning.  It includes daily mobility exercises to counteract the negative effects of your daily routine predisposing you to faulty loading (bad posture).  

SymFit is a preventative medicine based conditioning program that empowers the community to maintain physical wellness. is a powerful tool designed to help them maintain physical wellness and to motivate them to achieve more.  

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