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... the first 5 years
Genesis Physical Therapy is the business division through which all insurance contract are managed

We (Jennifer and Todd) established Genesis Physical Therapy in 2008.  The original center was located in Cherry Creek at 300 South Jackson Street.  At this location we were offering manual therapy based physical therapy and preparing clients for post-rehabilitation maintenance via group Pilates Allegro classes.  

We chose Pilates Allegro classes for our post-rehabilitaiton maintenance because it was a safe environment for clients to condition themselves to apply the 4 SymFit® Principles of Neutral Spine Alignment functionally.  It was not transferable to home compliance unless a client was willing to purchase costly equipment.

We were a sophisticated physical therapy practice that offered post-rehabilitation maintenance classes.  But, we were still falling short on meeting our clients home compliance needs.  Sure we had a web site that outlined the exercises we were prescribing but something was missing.  

Genesis PT and Fitness re-branded as SymFit® PT and Fitness in the Winter of 2013.  Genesis PT does business as SymFit® PT and Fitness currently.  All insurance contract still run through Genesis PT and Fitness.
... the last 5 years
Explaining the creation of the SymFit Healthy Fitness System and SymFitTV

In 2012 we procured a contract with the City and County of Denver to become the exclusive provider for the Denver Fire Department.  This forced us to create a mat based version of our Pilates Allegro program which gave birth to the SymFit® Healthy Fitness System.  We relocated to the Capitol Hill neighborhood in 2013 and in 2014 we started teaching SymFit1 classes.  The SymFit1 pre-treatment and post-class studio programs were also added to the patient treatment plan.

We launched the SymFit2 product line in the winter of 2016 and we were on our way to becoming a fitness center that could manage your injury.  SymFit2 workouts condition you to safely return to sport and recreational activities with the neutral spine conditioning required for healthy loading. 

The key to long term injury prevention is lifestyle transformation.  We must use our bodies in ways that are healthy throughout a majority of the day.  A few stretches before our workouts cannot counteract the negative effects of faulty sitting and standing throughout the work day.  Our clients needed more access to the educational resources that help them live a more neutral spine based life.

SymFitTV, our neutral spine based fitness video on demand service launched in the summer of 2016.  SymFitTV centralized all SymFit® movement education resources and workouts which allowed our clients to flourish with their home exercise programs.  We saw the result clinically with client progressing into SymFit2 in weeks rather than months.  We knew we were on the right track and in it was obvious to us what SymFit3 had to provide.  Adding cardiovascular conditioning to the SymFit2 workouts will provide a complete fitness solution needed to improve performance.

In June of 2017 SymFit3 group classes will be offered at the center.
... the next 5 years
SymFit Instructor Certification

We have plans to grow through instructor certification and licensure.  The hardest thing to do in wellness is establish trust and loyalty in the community.  There are many great physical therapist, DO's, chiropractors and physicians that are well positioned to better meet the needs of their clients base through SymFit® certification that we are expanding into their neighborhoods.  Our first SymFit® Injury Prevention certification will be offered in the Fall of 2017; our first Injury Management in Winter 2018.

SymFit video on demand service
Helping the Denver community evolve their fitness instruction

The launch of SymFitTV has address many barrier to client progression and instructor development within the SymFit® Healthy Fitness System.  We will be migrating to a video streaming platform this summer which offers more flexibility.  After 6-9 months of testing we will begin marketing the SymFitTV video on demand product regionally then nationally.  
Healthy Worker Program

The SymFit® Healthy Fitness System is an accountability based corporate wellness solution that saves money and improved productivity.  As we migrate to a video streaming solution we will be able to bring all the neutral spine resources needed to minimize the negative affects of a typical work day.