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Hourly Mobility Program:
The body is designed to move forward. Few of us have the luxury of having a job that allows us to be mobile throughout the day. The SymFit® Healthy Fitness System (SFHFS) has developed hourly mobility exercises programs to counter the negative effects static postures as a result of technology.

The SymFit® Hourly Seated Mobility Program:
1. SymFit® Spine Mobility Program 
    • Perform 8 Seated Chest Lift and Spine Curls
    • Perform 8 Seated Spine Twists
    • Perform 8 Lateral Side Bends

The SymFit® Hourly Standing Mobility Program:

1. SymFit® Bony Standing Rhythms (level 1 of the Lunge series). 
  • Get into the SymFit® Lunge series – get into a standing split position.  In a split position your pelvis is angled forward to allow the back hip to be in extension without low back loading.  Relocate your rib cage in line with your pelvis before going through your 4 SymFit® Neutral Spine Alignment Principles
  • Move your front knee around your front foot 8 times clockwise and then 8 time counterclockwise.  Emphasize internal rotation of the hip and ankle.  This is when the need comes inside of the ankle and foot.  You back heel can come off the ground. But try and keep the back knee locked into extension
  • Perform 8 bony rhythms with the other foot forward.

2. Sustained Lung Spine Twists
  • Get into a sustained lunge and perform 8 spine twist in each direction
  • Remember, a spine twist is when your rib cage rotates in relationship to a stable pelvis.  As you spine twist to the right inward spiral the left hip; as you spine twist to the left inward spiral the right hip.
  • Perform 8 spine twist from a sustained lunge with the opposite knee forward