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Welcome to SymFit®  Physical Therapy and Fitness

Where the science of physical therapy and fitness are packaged in an innovative way to keep you physically healthy. Whether you are currently injured and looking to address the foundation of the problem or looking for a safe place to reach your fitness potential, our staff is committed to helping you reach your goals.  The combination of our video-on-demand product SymFitTV and our fitness memberships which include joint clearing prior to group fitness classes keep you at your optimal level of fitness.  Most low back, neck, shoulder and knee pain conditions are preventable with the right game plan.  Schedule a free screening today to see if the SymFit® Healthy Fitness System is right for you.


Functional Mobility 

(Week 1 + 2)

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You are receiving manual therapy to restore access to neutral spine alignment and private orientation on pre-treatment functional mobility exercise on Pilates equipment.  You are learning self-correction techniques and learning how to treat yourself at home with SymFitTV.

Neutral  Spine Conditioning Phase

(Week 3 to 6)

Private Fitness Consultation - pilaets instruction on reformer



This 4 pack consists of 4 workouts each providing 5 minutes of manual therapy prior to a SymFit1 group class.  You will receive private movement education on post-treatment neutral spine conditioning exercise and post-class functional conditioning exercises.


Conditioning Phase

(Month 2)

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You are now at membership status where you will be completing 1 upper body and 1 lower body conditioning class a week with joint clearing prior to each class.  You are independent in performing your studio program for a 50 minute whole body neutral spine conditioning focused workout.  You are supervised into SymFit2 classes.


Conditioning Phase

(Month 3)



At this point you have chosen to use SymFit Fitness as your fitness solution becusae you are seeing the value of joint clearings prior to group neutral spine based fitness.  You are attending SymFit2 or SymFit3 classes twice a week at the center and twice a week at home via SymFitTV


All Major Insurances Accepted as well as Health Savings Accounts

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Why SymFit®?



1. Results.

Every patient that completes the program learns how to manage their condition long term and returns to a quality of life that exceeds their expectations without faulty loading through the neck and low back.  This level of physical wellness ensures healthy loading through the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles.


2. Complete Sessions.

Each SymFit® session includes all the components of a complete restorative workout.

  • Functional Mobility Exercises to mobilize you where you are stiff
  • Education on foundation of the problem and Self-treatment strategies 
  • Manual Therapy to restore neutral joint positioning before strengthening
  • Neutral Spine Conditioning exercises to wake up the neutral spine stabilizers (core musculature)
  • Functional Conditioning exercises to condition you to break the faulty loading patterns that drive joint mis-alignment and pain


3. Costs.

SymFit®TV compliments your workout program at the center so we do not have to see you as much at the center.  By offering neutral spine conditioning classes every hour we are able to get you into maintenance classes after a few weeks of private training in most instances.   At the maintenance phase our SymFit® Functional Fitness mat classes cost $25, our Pilates Reformer classes cost $30 both include manual therapy prior to class and access to Pilates equipment to complete pre + post class studio program.


Note: this is the typical treatment path for most non-surgical cases.  Those without injury progress quicker than those with injury.

Stop the pattern of revolving pain and start living a SymFit® life today!


Low back and neck pain are Preventable and Treatable.  Most shoulder, hip and knee pain conditions are a result of faulty posture driving faulty loading.  If injured you cannot afford to bounce around town getting parts of the solution.
Our mission is to condition you to live your life without the faulty loading patterns that are the foundation of most pain conditions.  We accomplish our mission by providing manual therapy prior to safe and fun group neutral spine based fitness classes.  Our group functional fitness and Pilates classes break the faulty loading patterns that break down the body.    The SymFit® Healthy Fitness System is a complete medically based neutral spine conditioning program that will restore the foundation for life-long healthy posture and fitness with the support of SymFit®TV.   

Whether you are currently injured and looking to address the foundation of your problem; or simply looking for safe functional fitness SymFit® provides all the resources you need to reach your physical wellness potential.