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SymFit® for Injury Prevention
Healthy Professionals Program


The Healthy Professionals program is designed to stop the process of collapsed posture and to help modify your fitness program to allow it to meet your long term injury prevention needs.  Your body is designed to move efficiently from neutral spine alignment.  .

This program is designed to working professionals with the following;
  • Accountants and Legal professionals sitting most of the work day
  • Medical practitioners in awkward positions for a majority of their day and in front of the computer doing documentation the remainder of the work day
  • IT professionals stuck in front of a computing device most of the work day
  • Hairdressers and wellness practicioners that use their bodies in an assymetrical way a majority of the work day
  • Service industry workers that are on their feet all day
  • Any working professional that feels physically beat up at the end of the work day