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SymFit® Healthy Neck Program
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SymFit® Pilates Program

The SymFit® Healthy Fitness System is a complete solution to the foundation to most musculoskeletal conditions.  At the center you have access to state-of-the-art manual therapy techniques that help restore your access to neutral spine alignment.  You will be shown pre-treatment functional mobility exercises to ensure that you have done all you can do to address the muscle imbalances that contribute to faulty loading and mis-alignment.  You will be instructed privately on how to perform these exercises on the Pilates equipment as well as the exercises in the classes prescribed.  After being cleared of all major joint mis-alignments by a SymFit® certified physical therapist you will complete a 20-minute neutral spine based functional fitness class or a 30 minute Pilates allegro class.  You will also be instructed on post-class studio exercises that challenge your application of the 4 SymFit® Principles of neutral spine alignment functionally to compliment your group class.