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Physical Therapy for Back Pain in Denver, CO

The low back (lumbar spine) consists of 5 vertebrae and it is one of the most complicated parts of the body to due to the complexity of its relationship with the pelvis.  
• The position of the pelvis dictates the loading pattern through the lower lumbar spine.  
• The lower abdominals stabilize the pelvis in neutral
• The position of the rib cage dictates the loading pattern through the upper lumbar spine
• The upper abdominals stabilize the rib cage in neutral
• The obliques stabilize the pelvis and rib cage in relationship to each other
• Faulty pelvic positioning drive facet loading in the low back and leads to mechanical overload; how we sit and stand are the main factors driving pelvic positioning
• Healthy pelvic positioning drive loading through the vertebral bodies which are designed for load acceptance and load transfer
• Hip positioning influences lower abdominal activation and pelvic positioning 

The SymFit® Healthy Low Back program addresses lumbar spine pain from a simple premise; ensure that each vertebrae is aligned properly (neutral spine alignment) during all functional activities to ensure equal distribution of load through the lumbar spine vertebral bodies. It combines manual therapy around a functional conditioning program to break faulty loading patterns. Load tolerance based milestones are built into the program to ensure safe progression. 

It takes about 2 weeks to restore access to neutral spine alignment; another 2 weeks to condition you to perform you daily activities without faulty loading through the neck and low back. An additional month of group fitness classes is needed to condition you to perform your sport and recreational activities from neutral spine alignment.

Long term maintenance is enhanced with our video on demand product SymFit®TV which provide you access to all the workouts, self-correction techniques and educational resources prescribed during your treatment. 

The SymFit® Healthy Low Back program will be modified for those that have had surgery consistent with your physicians orders. The SymFit® Healthy Fitness System is an ideal post-surgical rehabilitation program as it takes maximum advantage of the healing time by neurologically conditioning you to move from neutral spine ensuring a safe strengthening phase when appropriate.

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A Closer Look at the Low Back 


SymFit® Healthy Back Program

Levels of Injury Severity 

Faulty Posture causing Muscle Strain 

Step #1: Faulty Posture drives Faulty Loading and Soft Tissue Overload

pain with certain movements

Prognosis*: Treatable with 3 month subscription to SymFit®TV minimally ($75) but ideally with SymFit® Healthy Back 4 Pack ($300) and SymFitTV.

Conditions we Successfully Treat: 
· Low Back Strain
· Rotated Pelvis (Innominate Rotation)
· Rotated Lumbar Vertebrae
· Sponylosis (Arthritis)
Muscle Imbalance causing Mis-alignment

Step #2: Faulty Loading leads to Joint Mis-alignment 

daily or constant pain 

Treatable with SymFit® Healthy Back 4 Pack ($300) and 2 month Functional Fitness Membership ($225 per month).  This level of injury may require further medical testing and possible referral to a specialist

Conditions we Successfully Treat: 
· Bulging Disc
· Scoliosis (mild)

· Sacral Torsion
· Rotated Lumbar Vertebra's
· Sciatica (Piriformis Syndrome)
Joint Breakdown or Trauma

Step #3: Joint Mis-alignment cause Structural breakdown

Symptoms: compromised function with symptoms down arm 

Prognosis*: Possibly manageable with SymFit PT and Fitness but requires Healthy Back 8 Pack ($600) and Complete Fitness Membership ($225 a month for 3 months).  This level of injury will require advanced medical testing (MRI) and outsourcing to your family medicine physician or an orthopedic surgeon.

Conditions we Successfully Treat: 
· Herniated Disc
· Spinal Stenosis

· Spondylolisthesis
· Scoliosis (mild-moderate)
· Rheumatoid Arthritis
· Compression Fracture
Low Back Surgery
*Pricing may vary based on severity and level of overall fitness; some cases may require an Hour of Care package during membership phase.

SymFit for Injury Management; Healthy Low Back Program in Denver, CO
  • Rotated Sacrum(Sacral Torsion)
  • Lumbar Strain
  • Bulging Disc
  • Sciatica (Piriformis Syndrome)
  • Herniated Disc
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Spondylosis (Arthritis)

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