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SymFit® for Injury Prevention
Healthy Kids Program


Have you ever wondered why you did not learn about revolving credit until you got that first eye popping credit card statement.  The posture and movement principles if learned early on will have a significantly more powerful impact on a life than after joint breakdown has already started presenting itself in the form of pain.  Technological advancement are affecting baby boomers and generation X significantly and we have spent less than half our lives stuck to our devices.  Image if you started sitting in a slumped posture for a majority of your day as a child.  

The SymFit Healthy Kids program consists of 5 private session to show your child how to stand, squat, sit-up and plank from neutral spine alignment.  

This program is designed to help kids with the following;
  • Growing pains
  • Scoliosis
  • Back Pack Fitness
  • Ipad Posture