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SymFit® for Injury Prevention
Healthy Aging Program


The Healthy Aging program is designed to help you prepare for life's transition and modify your fitness regimen to account for musculoskeletal changes that occur through the life span.  There are many opinions of what is the most appropriate fitness program for the active mature adult.  We know that if you can lift, push, pull, press, squat and lunge without faulty loading your body is conditioned to meet whatever challenge lay ahead.  Your body will tell you when joints are not aligned in the form of pain.  A SymFit® certified physical therapist can help you make since of these symptoms for $60 an put a plan in place that addresses the foundation of the problem.

This program is designed to help active mature adults with the following;
  • Start a safe neutral spine based fitness program
  • Modify existing fitness program to meet their balance, bone density and functional strength needs
  • Address onset of age related conditions such as oseoporosis, arthritis, balance deficits, respiratory and cardiovascular challenges, PD, MS, Dementia, joint replacement
  • Prevent the conditions above

If you have an active injury that is limiting your functional independence or quality of life we can look into your insurance benefits if you have an active prescription.  Please visit the Intake Form page of the appropriate Injury Management program to complete the Insurance Benefits Intake Form.