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SymFit® Healthy Fitness Systems
Healthy Sleeping Strategies

The SymFit® Healthy Fitness System (SFHFS) was developed to bring a safe injury prevention based fitness to the community.  Those with current injuries need injury management consultation.  Those with minor aches and pains that are getting wore intense or frequent can likely prevent their condition from progressing into medical diagnosis's by improving their posture and modifying their fitness program.  The following injury prevention strategies are designed to help you identify if you fall into this category and to help you get on the path of neutral spine conditioning. 

Healthy Sleeping Strategie

Many clients share that the feel how they sleep contributes to their tightness’ and pain when they awake.  We have put a lot more thought into this theory than is probably healthy and this is what we have summarized.  When you go about your day in faulty loading your body does not have the opportunity to respond until your rest.  When we go to sleep our bodies have this opportunity and the muscles that were overloaded the previous day as a result of faulty loading have the opportunity to tighten.  We wake up and feel tighter so it is a logical correlation but not one that is supported by science.  When we sleep we are at rest.  Even if we sleep in faulty postures the effects are minimized because the joints are not loaded as they are when we are awake going about our day in faulty posture against gravity.  That being said we do feel sleeping in positions that stretch out the tight muscles that develop as a result of collapsed posture is beneficial. 

Strategies for Healthy Sleeping:

  • Side Sleepers: hugging a body pillow between your knees with hips flexed 45 degrees and knees 90 degrees
  • Back Sleepers: pillow or bolster under knees, cervical travel pillow under base of your skull will help you maintain a head nod
  • Stomach Sleepers: try and learn how to sleep on your side.  But if not successful we recommend a body pillow under waist.
  • Those with Tight Calf Muscles or Tight Hip Flexors: sleep with that knee extended and the foot against a foot or head rest.  It will stretch the calf, hamstrings and hip flexors out.  Perform the SymFit® Bony Rhythms and SymFit® Ankle/Foot Self-correction techniques before going to bed.
  • Those with Shoulder Pain: a cervical pillow against the front of the shoulder will help keep the shoulder blade against the rib cage and the humerus from getting positioned forward in the shoulder socket. Perform the SymFit® Shoulder Mobility Program and SymFit® Shoulder Self-correction before going to sleep. 
  • Those with Back Pain: Perform the SymFit® Spine Mobility Program and SymFit® Pelvis Self-correction before going to sleep.