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SymFit® Healthy Fitness System
Healthy Lifting Strategies

The SymFit® Healthy Fitness System (SFHFS) was developed to bring a safe injury prevention based fitness to the community.  Those with current injuries need injury management consultation.  Those with minor aches and pains that are getting wore intense or frequent can likely prevent their condition from progressing into medical diagnosis's by improving their posture and modifying their fitness program.  The following injury prevention strategies are designed to help you identify if you fall into this category and to help you get on the path of neutral spine conditioning.

Unhealthy Lifting Strategies

Forward Bend Strategy:
Looking at the image above you are left to believe lifting like this is a one way ticket to the ER.  He is loading his neck, and before even lifting the box.  Once he starts to stand up all the load of the box is going to his lower back.  This is how we pick things up if we do not do SymFit® Squat twice weekly.  The spine is not designed to stack itself back up from a forward bend position.  

Typical Fitness Squat Strategy (narrow base of support):
The typical fitness squat stresses a quad loading.  Unfortunately when performed with a narrow base of support most people squat with more of a knee loading strategy than a quadricep loading strategy.  Flexiblity limitations can cause an anterior weight transfer and this results in excessive stress on the patellar tendon as well as the low back.  
Healthy Lifting Strategies

SymFit® Squat Technique:
The most common cause of herniated discs is picking up a light object from the floor, not sport oir recreational activities.  So, lets talk about proper lifting.