Ask the Physical Therapist

Denver • Lakewood 

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Daily Wellness Routines:
You journey toward symmetrical fitness does not stop at your SymFit workout routine and hourly mobility program.  As you progress through the SymFit® Healthy Fitness System (SFHFS) your will likely identify that modified version of the program can help you start and end your day with minimal muscle tension and joint restrictions.  

The SymFit® Sunrise Routine:
1. Foam Roller Shoulder Mobility Program 
• Perform 8 Arm Floats
• Perform 8 Arm Circles
• Perform 8 Arm Overhead Presses
• Perform 4 back rolls followed by Back Stretch
2. Foam Roller Neck Mobility Program
• Perform 40 second Neck Stretch
• Perform 8 Pelvic Curls with Foam Roller Stretching out O-A Extensors (Neck Stretch)
3. Chest Lift Series 
• Perform 8 Hissing Cat/Boxer Pose's
• Perform 8 Alternating Arm Floats from Quadruped position
• Perform 3 Five Second Plank on Knees Holds

The SymFit® End-of-Day Routine:
1. Pelvis Self-correction
2. Lumbar Self-correction
3. Back Massage on Foam Roller
4. Perform 8 Hissing Cat/Boxer Pose's