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SymFit1 Launches January 2016

Genesis PT and Fitness is proud to launch the SymFit® Healthy Fitness System.  After 8 year of trying to help clients rehabilitate from injury completely using Pilates based fitness we realized that restoring access to neutral spine alignment was critical in laying down the foundation for injury recovery.  However, not until clients changed the way the sit, stand, lift, push, pull and carry was long term injury management an prevention established.

The SymFit® Healthy Fitness System consist complete neutral spine based conditioning workouts each starting with functional mobility exercises and followed by self-correction techniques to ensure access to neutral spine alignment before progressing to neutral spine conditioning and finally functional conditioning exercises. 

The system includes "Start Your Day" routines, Hourly Mobility programs and "End Your Day" routines to help you maintain access to neutral spine alignment throughout the day and break the faulty loading patterns that cause most neck, low back, should, hip and knee pain conditions.  

Take a SymFit1 class at the center and feel the symmetrical fitness difference.


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