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Low back and neck pain are Preventable and Treatable!  

Most shoulder, hip, knee and ankle/foot pain conditions are related to faulty posture and faulty loading.
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Injury Management

Healthy Shoulder Program
Healthy Neck Program

Healthy Low Back Program
Healthy Hip Program
Healthy Knee Program
Healthy Ankle/Foot program

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Injury Prevention 

Healthy Kids Program
Healthy Mommy Program
Healthy Working Professional
Healthy Aging Program
Healthy Pilates Program
Healthy Yoga Program

SymFit1 - Neutral Spine Conditioning Phase
SymFit2 - Functional Conditioning Phase
SymFit3 - Complete Fitness Phase
If injured you cannot afford to bounce around town getting parts of the solution.  The SymFit® Healthy Fitness System is a complete medically based neutral spine conditioning program that will restore the foundation for life-long healthy posture and fitness with the support of SymFitTV.  As an injury management product SymFit® provides a comprehensive gateway to safe fitness.  As an injury prevention and fitness product it is a complete fitness system that ensures your fitness commitment serves your life long injury prevention needs as well as performance conditioning needs.  

Pain and injury can be an opportunity to address the foundation of an underlying problem that likely won't get better without posture and movement transformation.  

If you are injured schedule a consultation and start getting relief organically today.  We work with some of the best physicians in Denver and we can help you maneuver through the medical system if your injury warrants further evaluation.

Path to Neutral Spine Conditioning and Complete Fitness


1. Physical

Manual Therapy to restore access to neutral spine alignment and program management.

The joint mobilization techniques our physical therapist use to restore neutral joint positioning are identical to the self-correction techniques you will learn during SymFit1 of the Healthy Fitness System.

2. Functional Mobility Exercises

Private neutral spine conditioning to learn how to apply the 4 SymFit® Principles of neutral spine alignment.

SymFit1 of the Healthy Fitness System will prepare you for group class entry as well as independence on your pre-treatment and post-class studio program.

3. Lifestyle Modifications

Application of neutral spine alignment principles throughout your day while performing the SymFit® workout routine.

1. Start the Day routine
2. Workout of the Day
3. Hourly Mobility program
4. End of Day routine
4. Group Fitness Classes

Complete 2 SymFit2 Upper Body and 2 SymFit2 lower body workouts each week.  If in Denver Colorado attend 1 of each SymFit2 class at the center per week to confirm you are performing each exercise properly.  

Group fitness at the center always consist of joint clearing prior to class.  

The SymFit® Healthy Fitness System stops the revolving pain cycle by physically conditioning you to complete your current and future life challenges without faulty loading through the neck and low back. It is widely accepted that complete health is the balance of mind, body and spirit. The SymFit® Healthy Fitness System has cracked the code on physical health which can greatly enhance your quest for balance of the other two.

THE PROBLEM: Technological advancements have us strapped to devices in collapsed posture for a majority of the day. If you do nothing to counteract these collapsed postures throughout the day then your fitness/sport and recreational activities areas likely only strengthening you to move from these faulty postures. Over time this will breakdown your neck, low back, shoulder, hips and knees.

THE SOLUTION: The solution is SymFit®, a step-by-step program that restores your ability to move from neutral spine alignment and then and only then progresses to functional strengthening and complete fitness. It must merge the science of movement into the realities of today’s lifestyles. The SymFit® Healthy Fitness System is a modern day solution to a modern day problem that symptom management based healthcare system is unable to address.

The SymFit® Healthy Fitness System establishes a lifestyle centered on neutral spine postures and movement without neck and low back loading. It consists of web based and mobile resources for living a symmetrically fit life!

Stop the pattern of revolving pain and start living a SymFit® life today!
Neutral Spine Based Fitness in Capitol Hill area of Denver