Low back and neck pain are Preventable and Treatable!  

Most shoulder, hip, knee and ankle/foot pain conditions are related to faulty posture.


Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain
Physical Therapy based fitness for low back injury prevention
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If injured you cannot afford to bounce around town getting parts of the solution.  The SymFit® Healthy Fitness System is a complete medically based neutral spine conditioning program that will restore the foundation for life-long healthy posture and fitness with the support of SymFitTV.  It is a complete fitness system that ensures your fitness commitment serves your injury prevention needs.  An injury is a great opportunity to address the foundation of a problem that likely wont get better without posture and movement transformation.  

If you cannot afford the cost of an injury schedule a consultation and start getting relief organically today.  We work with some of the best physicians and we can help you maneuver through the medical system in Denver if your injuries warrant further evaluation.  

Path to Neutral Spine Conditioning


1. Physical

Manual Therapy to restore access to neutral spine alignment and program management

2. Functional Mobility Exercises

Private neutral spine conditioning to learn how to apply the 4 SymFit® Principles of neutral spine alignment

3. Lifestyle Modifications

Application of neutral spine alignment principles throughout your day while performing the SymFit® workout routine

4. Neutral Spine based Fitness Classes

Attend 2 SymFit2 Upper Body and 2 SymFit2 lower body workouts each week.  If in Denver one of each at the center.

The SymFit® Healthy Fitness System stops the revolving pain cycle by physically conditioning you to complete your current and future life challenges without faulty loading through the neck and low back. It is widely accepted that complete health is the balance of mind, body and spirit. The SymFit® Healthy Fitness System has cracked the code on physical health which can greatly enhance your quest for balance of the other two.

THE PROBLEM: Technological advancements have us strapped to devised in collapsed postures for a majority of the day. If you do nothing to counteract these collapsed postures throughout the day then your fitness/sport and recreational activities areas likely only strengthening you to move from these faulty postures. Over time this will breakdown your neck, low back, shoulder, hips and knees.

THE SOLUTION: The solution is SymFit®, a step-by-step program that restores your ability to move from neutral spine alignment and then and only then progresses to functional strengthening and complete fitness. It must merge the science of movement into the realities of today’s lifestyles. The SymFit® Healthy Fitness System is a modern day solution to a modern day problem that symptom management based healthcare system is unable to address.

The SymFit® Healthy Fitness System establishes a lifestyle centered on neutral spine postures and movement without neck and low back loading. It consists of web based and mobile resources for living a symmetrically fit life!

Stop the pattern of revolving pain and start living a SymFit® life today!
SymFit® PT and Fitness

Who can Benefit?
The SymFit® Healthy Fitness System is designed to prevent injury.  Specifically developed to address the main cause of pain in the healthy population which is faulty loading patterns as a result of collapsed postures.  Manual therapy around group fitness classes taken at the center or self-correction techniques build into fitness classes take at home through SymFitTV.com both condition you to to perform your daily, sport and recreational activities from neutral spine alignment.  

Lifespan Programs:
  • Healthy Kids Program
  • Healthy Professionals Program
  • Healthy Mommy Program
  • Healthy Aging Program
Injury Prevention Programs
  • Healthy Running Program
  • Healthy Cycling Program
  • Healthy Swimming Program
  • Healthy Overhead Sport Program
  • Healthy Skiing or Boarding Program
  • Healthy Cross-Country Skiing

Injury Management.
The SymFit® Healthy Fitness System is they most complete injury management program in Denver progressing your from symptom management to complete neutral spine fitness.  Specifically developed to address the main cause of pain in the healthy population which is faulty loading patterns as a result of collapsed postures.  Manual therapy around group fitness classes taken on-line or at the center condition you to to perform your daily, sport and recreational activities from neutral spine alignment.


SymFit® Healthy Fitness System is a futuristic solution to a modern day dilemma.  It combines the science of healthy movement with physical therapy joint clearing techniques within a structured functional fitness system to break the faulty loading patterns that cause injury.  

SymFit® transforms your fitness program so that it meet you lifelong wellness needs.  It preserves the integrity of your joints by restoring muscle balance around them and movement control through them.  SymFit® educates and provides all the medical, fitness and technological resources you need to live a symmetrical life.  Preventing costly injuries and maximizes you chance for health aging for pennies on the dollar.  
When + Where?

Schedule an Injury Management consult today if you are suffering from neck, shoulder, low back, hip, knee or ankle/foot pain and want to address the foundation of the problem with the least amount of money and maximum efficiency of your time.  We can evaluate you in our Denver clinic this week!

If you are not working out and want to start a safe neutral spine based functional fitness program that meets your goals schedule a consult today or purchase a SymFitTV membership today.

If you want a safe place to workout and ensure that your fitness commitment serves your long term injury prevention needs purchase an Injury Prevention Orientation package today.  Our fitness center is located in the heart of Capitol Hill at 899 Logan Street, Denver CO 80203.  We have onsite parking.


Today's healthcare environment requires an alternative to bouncing around town to receive only pieces to the injury management puzzle.  Your body is likely not conditioned for the challenges of a technologically driven life.

The SymFit® Healthy Fitness System will educate you on how the body is designed to function optimally, provide you with the tools to restore access to these movement patterns and transform your fitness program so that it serves your life-long injury prevention needs.  It is much cheaper and enriching to restore optimal fitness and wellness than repair the breakdown of the body as a result of faulty posture and faulty loading. 

Reach your physical wellness potential and stay there!
Our Team

SymFit® PT and Fitness is owned and operated by Todd and Jennifer Ball who are the creators of the SymFit® Healthy Fitness System.

Todd is the mad scientist challenging the boundaries of what is possible in restoring neutral spine conditioning and functional fitness without faulty loading through the neck and low back.

Jennifer is the conductor making sure each client progresses smoothly through the program meeting their individual goals.  Jennifer assists in teaching studio programs and group classes.

Brian Nelson is a physical therapist assistant that has been teaching all SymFit level fitness classes for the past 12 months and assist Todd in Injury Management as well as manages all Injury Prevention programs.  Brian is a retired army veteran that is cross-fit certified and love all mountain sports.

Eric Silvers is a certified personal trainer and licensed athletic trainer.  Eric assists in all aspects of client care.  Eric is also a retired army veteran with his main passion being his daughter Adele.

SymFit® Healthy Fitness System focuses on the foundation of most musculoskeletal problems; faulty posture driving asymmetrical loading leading resulting in joint breakdown and/or soft-tissue overload.  It educates, empowers and transforms through proprietary joint clearing techniques build into a neutral spine based fitness program to ensure that each week builds upon the previous.  It provides access to web and mobile resources to help you live a symmetrical life. 

Changing Expectations through the Power of Neutral Spine Conditioning

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